Pathiramanal is a small island in Muhamma panchayat of Alappuzha district. The name 'Pathiramanal' means 'Sands of night'. The scenic beauty of both sides of the lake as well as that of the island is mind blowing. It is home to many rare varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the world.

The Pathiramanal Island is 28.505 ha. It is about 1.5 km from Muhamma boat jetty and about 13 km from Alapuzha. From the jetty close by Baker Bungalow the distance to the island is about 5 km and from Kumarakom 4 km towards northwest.
Maximum length: 550m (SW to NE)
Maximum width: 450m (SE to NW)
Perimeter: 1800 m
Estimated Area: 19.6 ha
Distance to the nearest main land: 810m

The island (also known as Anantha Padmanabhan Thoppu) was purchased by Chevalier ACM Anthraper, from M/s Bheemji Devji Trust of Cochin and was under the private ownership until the late seventies. In 1979 after Land Reforms Acts were enforced in the State, the property came under government ownership. The island was returned to the government as a surplus land that crossed the land ceiling. It was later transferred to the Tourism Department and the idea of leasing it out to private enterprises was under consideration. The island at present is uninhabited. Till late seventies of the 20th century 14 worker families resided in the island, who were later rehabilitated on the mainland in the Muhamma panchayath.

The island is located in the Vembanad Lake. It is at 9°36'54?N 76°23'1?E.

Getting There
The island is an hour and half drive by motor boat or 30 minutes by speed boat from Alappuzha town. One can also take the boats plying in the Muhamma-Kumarakom water route. It takes around 30 minutes from Muhamma to reach Pathiramanal. The journey through Vembanad Lake is a marvellous experience.

Distance From
Cochin International Airport 75 kms (approximately 90 minutes)
Alleppey railway station 19 kms (approximately 30 minutes) .

The island is a Birdwatcher's paradise. It is home to around 91 local species of birds and 50 migratory birds. One can see Pintail Ducks, Common Teal, Night Heron, Cormorant, Darter, Indian Shag, Purple Heron, gulls, terns, large egrets, Intermediate Egret, Cattle Egret, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, Pheasant-tailed and Bronze-winged Jacanas, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Watercock, Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygmy-Goose, Little Cormorant and Whiskered Tern. Some people have even reported seeing the Monarch flycatcher.

Apart from the beautiful lake shore of the Vembanadu Lake the small island Pathiramanal is the main tourist sport in muhamma. Pathiramanal is an island in the Vembanadu Lake. It is an eco friendly tourist center. It is accessable by boat from Alappuzha. Kayippuram jetty is just about 2km east of the Kayippuram junction on the Alappuzha - Thannirmukkam road.

This is an exquisite piece of land just a few kilometers off Alappuzha. A trip to the place would be your chance to observe several exotic species of birds that fly in from far and wide.